meet your wedding spirit guide

I'm based in New York, but available for travel and always have my bags packed for my next destination. I believe in kindness, in having fun at all costs and in being 100 percent authentic. 

I grew up in a home where doors were always open for guests, so come sit with me!

laidback  Luxury  & Good  Vibes  Only

I’m a wedding and elopement photographer, videographer, designer and educator for non-traditional couples couples who are looking for laidback luxury and hoping to celebrate every moment of their “getting married” process in a way that’s worthy of their

Oh, hey! I'm Cassie.

Well then I might just be the one for you…

Someone who is invested in providing you not just beautiful photos, but also providing you with an experience that  actually let's you enjoy wedding planning, your engagement and your wedding day.  

Someone who really gives a damn?

If you’re looking  for a wedding pro/new 3rd wheel who understands not just the value of the dreamy photos and candid moments that stop you in your tracks and take your breath away, but is excited about you-
as a person, a couple, your nuances, your love story...  

Someone who will not only capture every gorgeous moment of your big day, but guide you through each step so all you need to worry about is enjoying. 

Someone who will make you feel comfortable so that she captures photos that feel like you. 

Someone who will tell you you have lipstick on your teeth before you walk down the aisle and cry with you while while you say your handwritten vows.  

Want breath-taking photos from a breath-of-fresh-air photog?

We'll hop on a call, FaceTime or Zoom to  get all your burning questions answered give you some guidance on what your options are to curate a bespoke experience that feels like you. I want you to find the best photographer for YOU, whether that turns out to be me or not - so let’s chat and see if we’re a match made in heaven. 

Let's Chat!


If I'm the photog of your dreams, let's lock it down!  I require a 50% deposit via Venmo and a signed virtual contract to make things as quick and easy as possible!



Never planned a wedding before?  I got you! I’m a total planner type- an added bonus of working with me. I offer vendor recommendations to help you build your dream team, as well as other tips to help guide you through the planning process and get you the best photos AND experience possible.



In the months leading up to the wedding, I’ll send you a detailed questionnaire to gather everything from which family photos you’d like taken, even down to any sticky family situations that you might just want me to be aware of.  l'll  craft a custom timeline so you where to be and when, so the day flows effortlessly and you can focus on what matters - each other!



Consider me your wedding day spirit guide, with my team offering a calming presence and a helping hand (via your personal wedding day assistant)  reminding you of the timeline, scouting the best photo locations and lighting, and then allowing you to just enjoy the day! 

wedding day


You will receive a sneak peek of your images within 1 week of your big day, and your full gallery within 12 weeks of the wedding day. Print and album options are available to make sure your day is displayed in your home and not just behind your phone screen.  You'll be left with breathtaking photos of your favorite day, and memories of an experience that are a breath of fresh air.


happily ever after


"We are the Magic Makers,
and We are the
Dreamers of Dreams"

The Process


"Cassie put us completely at ease from the engagement shoot. Her ability to think on her feet, anticipate great shots, and work with your ideas is unparalleled. It really felt like hanging out with a friend rather than having a hired photographer around.  If you want gorgeous and unique photos to remember your wedding day by you need to book Cassandra Daye Photography."

"Working with Cassie was one of the best parts of our wedding."


“When I reached out to other photographers I definitely felt like I was just another number to them and they didn't care about the uniqueness that we were going for. It was great working with someone who not only has talent but still made us feel like we were special. Cassandra gave of the vibe that she was just as excited to be shooting our wedding as we were being in the wedding. I would highly recommend her because when its your special day you want a good person with a good energy to share it with you.”

"Cassandra was everything we could have asked for!" 


“Cassandra was a gift. She is incredibly talented and overall just a wonderful person. Cassandra will bring calm, joy, direction, laughter, patience, and preserve your day better than your memory serves you. We hired her to capture our wedding, every guest she encountered truly enjoyed her presence. She made us laugh, she eased our nerves and fit right in like she was family."

"You will not only truly love her talent but appreciate her presence."

Let’s get this party started!

Picking up what I'm putting down?

Curious about other couple’s experiences with me and my team? Check out their kind words here...

Feeling stuck? Tired of doing it “their way”? Don’t listen to the noise!

Being a creative entrepreneur can be tough, lonely, and overwelming - but it doesn’t have to be! When I first started I felt like I had all the ambition and vision, but wasn’t sure how to bring it to life. It seemed like no one wanted to give me a chance to learn and grow. I quickly realized that there were so many opportunities to make it happen for myself! I’m a firm believer in rising by lifting others, which is why I’m so passionate about coming alongside and teaching fellow photogs how to grow their businesses, reach their goals, and actually build a life & career they LOVE. 

mentorships, online courses,
workshops, and so much more...

For Photographers

"I hope you see things that take your breath away, things that make you feel like you have never felt before. I hope you travel to the places you have always wanted to explore, I hope you catch the sunset at the perfect time on a random Tuesday drive and have your whole chest expand with gratitude. I hope the night sky is always beautiful wherever you rest your head. 

I hope you drink good coffee and stay out late with someone who enlivens you. I hope your bones are tired and your hair is messy and your heart is full of nostalgia. 

I hope someone who makes your whole damn face light up kisses you the way you have always wanted to be kissed, that they hold your hand and take care of you when you’re sick and bring you flowers just because. 

I hope you fall so deeply in love with your life that your happiness is undeniable whenever someone looks at you. I hope your days are filled with people who inspire you, and that you always let them know just how rare they are, just how much you appreciate them. 

I hope they do the same for you. I hope you connect with your moments, the ones that make you feel like you’re doing something right, the ones that happen quietly in the middle of a conversation when everything stops and you truly realize just how lucky you are to be alive.

I hope you are reminded every single day why you’re special. I hope you are reminded that you make people feel heard, that you make people feel understood and accepted. 


I hope you believe that — that you have purpose, that you’re a good person who deserves beautiful things and rich moments in life, that you mean something to someone. 

But most of all, I hope you look back on this moment and smile. I hope it becomes the moment you leapt — the moment you started living."

2023 - 
Charleston, SC
Savannah, GA
Nashville, TN

2022 - 
Nashville, TN
Boston, MA
Rhode Island
Dallas, TX

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